Getting older comes with enough challenges.
Finding a fulfilling career shouldn’t be one of them.


The world of work is changing.

Many women want to continue working past the traditional retirement age whether as a means to earn more money, for social or intellectual stimulation, or to add a sense of meaning and purpose to their lives.  

But with technological and other forces rapidly reshaping the work environment, a lack of confidence that may have built up after years out of the workforce, not to mention the biases many employers harbour towards hiring older employees, getting a job after 50 isn’t always a simple proposition.

Rosemary is a very inspiring lady. She re-ignited my drive at just the right time, which led to some amazing accomplishments.

Highly recommended for women looking to get back in the game or for those who need a little kick on the road to success.
— Leah

Do you want to:

  • enter, re-enter or exit the workforce for the first time?

  • change roles to accommodate a change in lifestyle?

  • embark on a new phase in life that includes meaningful, stimulating work?

Whatever your circumstances, My Future Career Academy exists to help you achieve a meaningful, rewarding career - at any age.

We offer resources, community and one-to-one coaching that will support you in navigating the unique challenges women often face in their careers.


Resources for Personal Development:


Not quite sure what the right next step for you is?

Our Inquire Within workbook is the perfect guide to help you find clarity. Filled with resources to help you assess where you are and identify which roles are appropriate for you.


Know what you want but not quite sure how to make it happen?

Our Converting the Dream into Reality workbook will help you evaluate your options and advise you on the actions that will help you get to where you want to be.


Are you ready to stop following the ‘line of least resistance’ in your career?

Pick up a copy of Taking Charge and discover a new - strategic and tactical - approach to thinking about you and your future.


If you prefer a personal touch:


Tired of feeling like you’re in this alone?

Join our community of like-minded women and take advantage of the support network you’ve been missing. (Online and in-person opportunities are available).

Career support for women in Auckland

Facing a challenge you’re not sure how to overcome?

Contact Rosemary today to tap into her in-depth expertise in women’s careers (and gain a boost of clarity and confidence!) by working with her one-on-one.

Career coaching Auckland

Rosemary’s biggest contribution to my career to date has been her never-ending support, thoughtful advice and belief in me and my goals. She has been incredible, greeting my seemingly never-ending career struggles with consistent positivity, creativity and clear, focused suggestions.

Talking to her about my career and ambitions never fails to leave me feeling inspired and motivated by her innovative and supportive thinking.

Everyone needs a cheerleader like her!
— Verity