Workbook 2 - Converting the Dream into Reality

Workbook 2 - Converting the Dream into Reality


Ready to make your dream career a reality? This workbook has been designed to help you make it happen.

Once you’re clear on the career direction you want to head in, you need to determine the best way of achieving it. This workbook is filled with practical exercises, advice and templates that will guide you through that process.

Each of the exercises in this workbook are downloadable so you can either work on them on your laptop or in hard copy. There are also links to other resources such as videos to watch and articles to read.

Contents include:

  • Exploring potential opportunities

  • Developing and utilsing your connections and contacts

  • Approaching the job market

  • Developing your stories

  • Creating the tools for the journey (CV, social media, emails, etc)

  • Tracking and evaluating opportunities

  • Deciding which option is best for you

This workbook is immediately available upon purchase as a downloadable .pdf.

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