Workbook 1 - Inquire Within

Workbook 1 - Inquire Within


Not sure which direction to head in with your career? This is the guide that you need.

This workbook has been designed to help you think about who you are, your likes and dislikes in the work environment, your skills, abilities and motivation. Spending the time to reflect now will pay dividends in the future as you gain clarity, which enables you to find the right path for you to take next.

Each of the exercises in this workbook are downloadable so you can either work on them on your laptop or in hard copy. There are also links to other resources such as videos to watch and articles to read.


  • Identifying Your Skills, Abilities and Motivation

  • Self-assessment Exercises

  • How to Demonstrate Your Abilities

  • The Dream

  • Making Sense of it All

  • Compass Finder: Potential Areas of Interest

  • Networking and Building Your Network

This workbook is immediately available upon purchase as a downloadable .pdf.

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